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MacFire Ltd deliver a range of fire protection services for businesses of all sizes in Renfrewshire, Lanarkshire, greater Glasgow and the rest of Scotland. Our fire protection services are designed to ensure your business is fully compliant with current legislation, while also focussing on the safety of your premises and people.

Fire Alarm Supply, Installation and Maintenance
MacFire Ltd supply, install and maintain an extensive range of high quality and reliable fire alarm systems from major manufacturers which are suitable for all types of commercial and industrial environments. Most importantly, all our fire alarm supply, installation and maintenance services are fully compliant with relevant British Safety Standards.

No matter how simple or complex your fire alarm needs are, contact MacFire Ltd for a free no obligation site survey and quotation.

Fire Extinguishers Supply, Installation and Maintenance
MacFire Ltd supply, install and service all types of fire extinguishers suitable for all businesses and fire types. As fire extinguishers are vital pieces of fire safety equipment it is a legal requirement of every business to have the correct extinguishers within their premises. It is also crucial they are professionally installed and maintained in accordance with British Safety Standards.

Our BAFE Registered technicians will install and service your firefighting equipment in accordance with BS5306 Part 3, and can also advise on many other aspects of your fire safety. Where possible our technicians will refill and/or repair your equipment using spare parts. Thus saving you the unnecessary expense of purchasing new equipment.

For all your fire extinguisher needs, or to ensure your business has the correct fire extinguishers in place, contact MacFire Ltd.

Fire Extinguisher Training
Unless your staff understand the importance of selecting and operating the correct fire extinguisher effectively in various fire scenarios, they are of little use in the event of an emergency. Therefore, to ensure your staff have the knowledge and confidence to extinguish a small fire, MacFire Ltd provide fire extinguisher training courses for all types of businesses and organisations. Our training courses are delivered on your premises by our fully qualified instructors and comply with all relevant fire safety legislation.

For further information, or to arrange a fire extinguisher training course, contact MacFire Ltd.

Dry Riser and Fire Hydrant Testing
MacFire Ltd provide dry riser and fire hydrant testing in accordance with British Safety Standards which are carried out by skilled and experienced engineers. Where dry risers and fire hydrants are located on private property, the legal responsibility for keeping them in working order lies with the owner, occupier, or operator of the site. To comply with British Safety Standards dry risers and fire hydrants should therefore be inspected and tested every six months to ensure they are fit for purpose should an emergency situation arise.

For additional information, or to arrange dry riser or fire hydrant testing, contact MacFire Ltd.

Fire Risk Assessments
As an employer or a person in control of a workplace you are legally obliged to have a fire risk assessment carried out on your premises by a competent person which must be regularly reviewed and kept up to date. The aim of a fire risk assessment is to ensure all necessary precautions and measures are in place to reduce or eliminate the risk of fire breaking out in your premises, while identifying all persons at risk.

MacFire Ltd will carry out a thorough inspection of your premises and on completion will generate a detailed report which will evaluate any existing fire precautions and prevention systems already implemented. We will also highlight any remedial action that may be required to improve the fire safety of your premises.

For a free no obligation consultation, or to arrange a fire risk assessment, contact MacFire Ltd.


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